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W.Shakespeare=A weeks phrase.hpr2003 12 05-
W.Shakespeare~phrases weake.hpr2003 12 05-
Walter Koenig=Low age in 'Trek'.hpr2003 02 02Pic
Washington=Snow-hating.hpr2003 02 19-
Weak economy=O Man, coy week...hpr2003 04 12-
Weather predictions=The crew posited rain.hpr2006 07 17-
Wenn ist das NunstŘck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! ... Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput.=Pythons staged joke did well: puts us in new danger and murder hearers if stuttered in public.hpr2006 12 10-
What gift from Santa would you like to see under the tree on Christmas?=Sweet harmony, free time once, good future without risks. And thats all!hpr2008 12 23-
What is the square root of nine?=THREE, for an equation shows it!hpr2004 12 01Gewinner bei den Anagrammy-Awards 12/2004, somit mein zehnter Anagrammy. Zudem Jahresgewinner in der Kategorie "Allgemeines".
When candles are out all cats are gray=An accurate shadow alters, generally.hpr2004 02 22-
When in Rome do as the Romans do=And do show some o' their manner!hpr2004 02 20-
When in Rome do as the Romans do=Or I show the same odd manner, no?hpr2004 02 20-
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?=I'm a late show. Noble win-ratio.hpr2003 02 02-
William Bonney=I own name 'Billy'.hpr2003 07 15Wirklicher Name von 'Billy the kid'.
William Clintons autobiography "My life"=Is all bumpy fellatio orgy with Monica in?hpr2004 06 28-
Winter sports=Snow trip. Rest.hpr2003 02 02-