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Teen romances=Semen? Rot acne!hpr2003 06 09-
Telephone conversation=Chat even on poorest line.hpr2008 11 29-
Tequila sunrise=Nurse qualities.hpr2003 05 08-
Terminator Three: Rise of the Machines=Fit hero Arnie storms the cinema there.hpr2003 08 01-
Testimony=It´s my note.hpr2003 09 03-
That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind ... Neil Armstrong=Apollo mission marks a milestone. Fanfare that grand long-term pennant.hpr2002 00 00-
That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind ... Neil Armstrong=Fatal start: stepping on far moon harms (killed?) a gnome alien! No remnants.hpr2002 00 00-
That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind ... Neil Armstrong=Gentleman sprang off a starship and sent an emotional moral to Kremlin.hpr2002 00 00-
That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind ... Neil Armstrong=Mere gentleman springs on "moon", annal talk. (Footprints filmed at Sahara!)hpr2002 00 00-
That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind ... Neil Armstrong=Message from a flight to moon. A pennant still marks an open land terrain.hpr2003 03 21-
That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind ... Neil Armstrong=One man marks range, one man pats flag. Third one (left in Apollo) transmits.hpr2002 00 00-
the accelerator pedals=Let ace car speed or halt.hpr2004 07 05-
the Afghan Hound=Haha! Fun dog, then?hpr2003 05 25-
The American Way of Life=I am a fine, wealthy force.hpr2003 06 07-
the animal instinct=Mental chain, isn't it?hpr2004 02 10-
the Archbishop of Westminster=Bet he worships Christ-name oft.hpr2004 07 02-
The Artist Formerly Known as Prince=The wrinkly transformations creep.hpr2003 02 02-
The astronaut Michael Collins=It''s moon launches that I recall.hpr2004 11 26-
The Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud=I figured out lust nags in our dreams then.hpr2005 06 25-
the bathroom tissue=Oh, here's a moist butt!hpr2004 02 05-
The Blue Screen of Death.=Fetched unable OS there?hpr2004 10 14-
The bridal suite=Hide best ritual.hpr2003 09 17-
the calendar sheet=Clear dates then, eh?hpr2004 01 06-
the calendar sheet=Clears date then, eh?hpr2004 01 06-
the calendar sheet=Date's clear date then, eh?hpr2004 01 07-
the Canon PowerShot camera=Where accent's a photos on RAM!hpr2004 10 07-
The Capitol=Chat, opt, lie.hpr2003 02 02-
The Cassini Orbiter and the Huygens Space Probe=Ship describes on each: Saturn, Titan, grey Phoebe!hpr2004 07 02-
the chess player Anatoli Karpov=Ha! People's variants lack theory.hpr2005 01 13-
the Christmas Season=Santa cherishes most.hpr2003 12 08-
the Colorado Desert=Cool? Terse, hot dread!hpr2003 11 08-
The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English=Contains specific annoying words invented to enthral, enrich old language.hpr2011 12 23-
The Confederations Cup=Ha, top soccer, fine-tuned.hpr2005 06 24-
the Corel Draw Graphics Suite=Do large picture with crashes.hpr2005 01 23-
The crane operator=Another top career.hpr2007 01 14-
The crime scene investigators=Note victim's case resting here.hpr2004 04 28-
The Daily Telegraph Newspaper=Typewriters help handle a page.hpr2003 09 30-
the decapitation=Incite a "top" death.hpr2005 03 18-
The dental profession=O, finds teeth personal.hpr2003 09 17-
The director P.Jackson=Think Oscar-projected.hpr2004 03 01-
The distress signal~lightens disasters.hpr2003 11 02-
the Encyclopaedia Britannica=Capable dictionary. Enhance it!hpr2004 02 12-
The English actor Patrick Stewart=He s captain to light Star Trek crew.hpr2006 01 05-
The erect penis=Tit-presence, eh?hpr2003 07 09-
The Evening Star~venerates night.hpr2003 02 02-
The expiration date=Ah, "eat-in-period" text.hpr2009 03 07-
The first Chinese in space: Yang Liwei=He's a new star flight incipiency, I see.hpr2003 10 15-
The first Chinese in space: Yang Liwei=I see star flight, he's a new incipiency.hpr2003 10 15-
The flight of Icarus=Flutter high...fiasco!hpr2003 05 18-
The Freudian Slip="Inspired" fault, eh?hpr2004 10 27-
The Freudian Slip=Failures in depth.hpr2004 10 27-
The Freudian Slip=In-depth failures.hpr2004 10 27-
The G-spot=PS: get hot!hpr2003 03 12-
The Game is over~gives more hate.hpr2003 02 16Ausspruch von George Bush an die Adresse Hussein´s
The Games of the Twenty Ninth Olympiad held at Beijing, China=Hey, ANY medal athlete fights with doping injection! Ban them!hpr2008 07 13-
The Games of the Twenty-eighth Olympiad=My tip: Fast heat, they win gold, get home, eh?hpr2004 08 05-
The Games of the Twenty-eighth Olympiad=What I hope? My feet get me that shiny gold ...hpr2004 08 05-
The girl on page three=Peering at her hot leg.hpr2003 03 28-
The Great Steamship RMS Titanic=This Captain Smith team regrets.hpr2008 11 23-
The Gregorian chants=Choir sang that genre.hpr2004 05 02-
The Heimlich Maneuver=Even I´m much healthier!hpr2003 02 02-
the Holy Script=Hey, Christ plot.hpr2003 08 03-
The hunting season=I shot sane gnu then.hpr2003 07 25-
The immortal shower scene in Alfred Hitchcocks "Psycho"=Method to screech: Perkins slays chic woman to filch her.hpr2007 04 30-
The industrial revolution=Ha! Dull routine, it isn't over!hpr2004 07 07-
The industrial revolution=That dull routine revision.hpr2004 07 07-
The industrial revolution=Units have routine to drill.hpr2004 07 07-
the Intelligent Traffic System=Set in city, means left-right-left.hpr2004 08 05-
The inventor Mister King Camp Gillette="Shaving torment? I permit gentle tickle!"hpr2007 01 25-
The inventor Thomas Alva Edison~has made volt innovations there!hpr2003 09 06-
The Italian composer Ennio Morricone=I meet Oscar in top ceremonial in honor!hpr2007 02 25-
the last of the Mohicans=Shame on that lost chief.hpr2003 11 13-
The late Charles (Buchinsky) Bronson=Shhh! Bury nice actor blank, toneless.hpr2003 09 01-
The legislative power=Privilege to set law, eh?hpr2003 03 13-
The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien=Hot, trendy! Filling three books!hpr2003 12 27-
The Louvre, Paris=Peer this valour.hpr2003 02 02-
the marionette=Theatre item, no?hpr2004 10 22-
The maternity hospital=It has motherly patient.hpr2005 10 29Awardsmasters Choice in den Anagrammy-Awards 10/2005 und somit mein zwölfter Anagrammy.
The measly idiots view on~daytime television show.hpr2003 02 02-
The Messier Catalogue=Usage here: a comet list.hpr2003 12 19-
The most dangerous food is the wedding cake.=Seconded! Wife is threat, not dough! (God, ask *me*...)hpr2004 12 08-
The Mystery Writers of America's "Edgar"=Yes, their award system for great crime!hpr2004 02 03-
The Nasa Mars Exploration Rover Mission=O, 'Roman' planet has visitors or examiners.hpr2004 01 06-
The Norwegian explorer Roald E.G.Amundsen=Rare South-Pole examiner, now grand legend!hpr2005 12 14-
the olfactory nerves=Oy, scent flavor there.hpr2003 06 12-
the Orthopaedic Research Society=Hi-Tech torso-repair does catch eye!hpr2004 04 13-
The pen is mightier than the sword=Shhh! Heroine's attempted writing.hpr2003 05 19-
The pen is mightier than the sword=The right words shape eminent hit.hpr2003 05 19-
The Penguin Dictionary of Proverbs=O, reprint of saying put behind cover.hpr2005 07 01-
The pistol bullet=Built shot-pellet.hpr2003 07 01-
the pornography industry=Ratty, rude, horny shopping.hpr2004 10 08-
the portfolio manager=Hot loan, meagre profit.hpr2005 03 13-
The Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan=True, the man flagged under Spain! Ole!hpr2004 08 31-
the Post-coital conversation=Is not a chatter on love topics.hpr2004 11 26-
The premature orgasms=Her arms get a sperm out.hpr2005 05 15-
the primordial soup=Dirt is pulp-Homo era.hpr2004 02 09-
The Reduced Shakespeare Company=Once rushed they keep dramas pacehpr2004 03 02-
The Reduced Shakespeare Company=They keep chosen dramas pace rude.hpr2004 03 02-
the Republic of Ireland=Dublin, particle hereof.hpr2003 12 05-
The Roaring Sixties=Heroin. Gratis sex. IT!hpr2003 02 02-
The Rosetta space craft mission=A nastiest trip of comet chasers.hpr2004 03 03-
The Rosetta space craft mission=See it: star ship to scan far comet.hpr2004 03 03-
The Russian Alexey Pajitnov=A plan: have unisex joy - Tetris.hpr2009 06 07-
The Saharan Desert=Rats! Heat, sand here.hpr2003 03 10-
The Saharan Desert=Sand's a threat here.hpr2003 03 10-
the Science Museum's Dana Centre in London=An uncommon adults' scene in the residence.hpr2003 11 19-
the secret diary=Discreet, hearty.hpr2003 04 26-
The Sega Dreamcast=Each started games.hpr2003 02 23-
The Seven Wonders of the ancient world=Evidence shown: tetrahedron's now left!hpr2005 01 02-
The smart prices=Trim rests cheap.hpr2004 05 01-
The Somalian pirate=Im a peril on that sea.hpr2008 11 18-
The standard meridian=Hidden master radiant.hpr2003 07 08-
the sunrise=True shines.hpr2004 10 15-
The things we do for love.=Devotion (flesh grew hot).hpr2003 09 23-
The things we do for love.=Do not overweight flesh.hpr2003 09 23-
The things we do for love.=Now, verse of hot delight.hpr2003 09 23-
The things we do for love.=Withhold so fervent ego.hpr2003 09 23-
The United States Postal Service=Visit us to send a letter cheapest.hpr2007 04 11-
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights=Novel had theories: fight unnatural racism!hpr2004 01 18-
the Ussher-Lightfoot Calendar=Truth of earths (disc!) age? Hell, no!hpr2003 11 20-
The Walt Disney Studios Animated Films=It is team's style: Donald is made with fun!hpr2005 02 02-
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach=Haha! Great. Many (the most) wish rash, hot coitus!hpr2004 03 23-
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach=Haha! She soon attracts him with yogurt! Shame!hpr2004 03 23-
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach=Ham? Another strategy: most wish coitus! Hahah!hpr2004 03 23-
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach=Most are horny, hate ham, wish that shag/coitus!hpr2004 03 23-
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach=Ragout thrashes machismo, honest! Haha, witty!hpr2004 03 23-
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach=The most wish coitus, rather than, say, a hog-ham!hpr2004 03 23-
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach=What? A yogurt thrashes hesitant machismo? Oh.hpr2004 03 23-
The Winter Olympic Games in Torino.=More competing in their Italy-snow.hpr2006 02 08-
The World Cup Finals in Germany=Dutchmen playing for real wins.hpr2006 06 03-
The World Cup Finals in Germany=French players go mad until win.hpr2006 06 03-
The World Cup Finals in Germany=Learning from Dutch play is new.hpr2006 06 03-
The World Cup Finals in Germany=Poland? France might surely win!hpr2006 06 03-
Theological doctrines=Cold cheats to religion.hpr2004 04 29-
Thermostat=Hot matters.hpr2003 02 02-
Thought is free=Fight other use!hpr2003 02 02-
Today gold, tomorrow dust.=Truly sad word. Good motto.hpr2003 02 02-
Total Information Awareness=A software´s amoral intention.hpr0000 00 00-
Total Information Awareness=I am an intolerant software. So?hpr0000 00 00-
Total Information Awareness=So intolerant software mania.hpr2003 02 03-
Total Information Awareness=Software as amoral intention.hpr0000 00 00-
Touareg=Erg auto.hpr2003 02 02-
Touareg=Reg auto.hpr2003 02 02-