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I am birth-tense=The brat is mine.hpr2003 06 10-
I am dreaming of a white Christmas (Bing Crosby)=I'm a crib-admire-song. High snow at my crib-feast!hpr2003 12 25-
I am dreaming of a white Christmas (Bing Crosby)=I'm grim Arabs comedy: in high snow at crib-feast?hpr2003 12 25-
I am Romeo='Amore mio!'hpr2003 06 17-
Immensely thankful, touched, proud, astonished, abashed.=O, I should confess and take medal but they punish me hard.hpr2007 03 09Telegramm von Boris Pasternak an die Akademie der Wissenschaften nach "Erhalt" des Literatur-Nobelpreises.
Impatience=Pace in time!hpr2004 03 08-
Impregnate=Impart genehpr2003 02 05-
Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull=The saga continues! Enjoy film, hold drinks and talk!hpr2007 11 11-
Internet Chat=Interact, then.hpr2003 02 02-
Internet Music downloads=Sound towards me in client.hpr2009 04 02-
Internet Music downloads=We transmit sound I cloned.hpr2009 04 02-
Internet pharmacies=Mac, Ethernet, Aspirin.hpr2003 09 03-
Internet pharmacies=Net-Aspirin. Term ache.hpr2003 09 03-
Internet pharmacies=Trace me Aspirin, then.hpr2003 09 03-